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Course Overview

Want to make your money grow? – We got you covered!
Don’t know where to begin investing? – We got you covered and teach you in 1 hour!
Worried about losing money? – We got you covered!
Want to stop missing out big amounts of money because you save instead of invest? – We got you covered!
Want to stop wasting a lot of money on expensive wealth managers/funds? – We got you covered!

Welcome to Roel van der Weijst’s course on making money grow! In this course, you’ll learn today why saving is wasting money and how with smart investments, you can get much more out of your money. You can learn this within 1 hour, and it can bring you gigantic sums of money in your life.

Or are you afraid to start and lose money? We’ll help you quickly!

Did you know that if you just leave your money in a savings account, you get about 1% interest? That’s not much. But if you invest smartly, you can average 10% returns! It also costs a lot of money if you invest through a bank or intermediary, and I’ll teach you in hours up to a maximum of 1 day how you can do it much better yourself.

Sometimes, stocks go a bit down, and sometimes, they go up. But if you look over a long time, for example, 10 years, you’ll see that the average return is about 10%. Even during difficult longer periods like world wars, stocks averaged an upward trend!

Imagine, if you start with 10,000 dollars at age 20 and make a 10% return every year, you’ll have over 1 million dollars at age 70! If you invest every money 100 dollars that will go way and way quicker! That makes you a millionaire. If you start with 100,000 dollars at age 40, you can also become a millionaire after 24 years at age 64. If you do this through a fund/bank or wealth manager, you pay, for example, 1.39% per year in fees. Over 50 years, this means that you’re left with HALF the amount. So, that 10,000 dollars doesn’t become 1 million, but only 500,000. This course can easily save you half a million! Sounds too good to be true? 10% is the average long-term annual return of stocks. And calculate it, (10,000*1.10*1.10*1.10*1.10*1.10….).

Example with a 8% return:
John invests monthly $300 and after 40 years he has $1.054.284.
Alice invests monthly $400. Already after 20 years she has $237.179.

Many people think investing is difficult, but in this course, Roel van der Weijst will explain everything step by step. Investment funds often take a small part of your profit, sometimes 1 or 2% per year, causing you to lose a lot of money in the long term.

So, Roel van der Weijst’s short course can also easily earn you tons or even millions and is more than worth the small investment, but it’s up to you.

What You'll Learn?

  • Learn why you should not put money in your savings account
  • Learn why you should not put your money in expensive wealth managers/funds
  • Learn what to buy, when to buy, when to sell stocks, to make your money grow
  • Overcome fear of starting to invest or buy a stock and understand how you will make a killing
  • Complete beginners in trading who don't know where to start or are scared of beginning
  • Have a bank account to be able to open a broker account (For example InterActiveBrokers or DeGiro)
  • 32 mins on-demand video
  • 9 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Closed captions
  • Audio description in existing audio

Course Content

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  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update May 8, 2024